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Robert Saudek

Robert Saudek

Czech-born graphologist and writer of novels, stories, poems and plays (1880-1935) Robert Saudek had considerable influence on the content and standing of graphology worldwide. He also published numerous articles in many languages in periodicals as diverse as The Listener, Zeitschrift für Menschenkenntnis and the Journal of Social Psychology. He also founded the professional graphology society in the Netherlands. He also started two academic periodicals: one in Dutch and the other in English. Many graphologists worldwide today use Saudek’s work without knowing the origin. He published "Experimental Graphology" in 1929. Saudek examined the speed in handwriting. He quantified handwriting by use of a microscope, caliper, pressure board, ruler, protractor and slow-motion pictures. Saudek also attempted to deal with graphological phenomena in terms acceptable to the experimental psychologists.

Robert Saudek 
Born 21 April 1880 Kolìn, Bohemia 
Died 15 April 1945 London, England 
Education Honoury Doctorate 
Occupation Playwright, Diplomat, Graphologist

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