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Paid Membership 

Membership is useful if you are looking for serious association and to earn your certification. 

Money Back Guarantee Offer

To avail the guaranteed money back offer you have to upload one hundred (100) 2-5 minute individual videos and explain one handwriting formation in your words on your personal YouTube account and share the link with us. Two components are essential in the video, explain and express, what it means and how to say it. There are more than 500+ handwriting formations listed on the graphology school website

You have 1 years time to finish this task and you will receive 100% refund, we are a not-for-profit, remember! Just one video a day and you can not only certify as graphologist but also get a refund, win-win.

Advantage - You have started to become known on the internet as graphologist. You can keep the video's private if that suits you.  

Membership Advantages

  • Read additional information; case studies, personal testimonials, research.
  • Access handwriting analysis done by others. Practice handwriting analysis.
  • Get a mentor to guide you through the process or learning graphology.

Membership Subscription

  • Members pay annual charge and membership is valid for one year.
  • International (out of India) members pay USD 70$ for 1 year.
    International Membership
  • National (Indian domicile) members pay Rs.4500/- for 1 year.

Certification and Recognition

  • The association will issue a certificate after testing the student members understanding of graphology and skills in handwriting analysis.


  • Indian Domicile - INR Rs 4500/-
  • International Membership - USD 70$
    International Membership

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