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Mission Statement: To keep your enthusiasm in graphology alive and your knowledge of handwriting analysis growing.

You can learn graphology and become graphologist then practice handwriting analysis.

We are an 'association' of graphologists, a section-8 non-profit public limited company with the main objective to promote graphology and graphologists.


Robert Saudek

Robert Saudek

Czech-born graphologist and writer of novels, stories, poems and plays (1880-1935) Robert Saudek had considerable influence on the content and standing of graphology worldwide. He also published numerous articles in many languages in periodicals as diverse as The Listener, Zeitschrift für Menschenkenntnis and the Journal of Social Psychology. He also founded the professional graphology society in the Netherlands. He also started two academic periodicals: one in Dutch and the other in English.

Graphology and Change Therapy

Assisted Therapy

Graphotherapy is a branch of graphology or handwriting analysis which involves a re-education of a person's writing to improve the hand writing itself and also to have a beneficial effect on the writer's personality.

Graphotherapy involves repeating hand and writing exercises under the supervision of a graphologist. Daily application is necessary to achieve improvement in writing and personality.

Graphotherapy can remedy bad handwriting in children, improving children's self esteem and behavior.

Graphology and Personal Development

Personal development using graphology

A handwriting analysis is an important tool for self development, offering us a fresh insight into our personality. Graphology can be a useful adjunct to a personal coaching program.

After retirement, a graphologist can help those who have had little time for personal development uncovering potentially fulfilling areas of exploration which are tailored to their individual character and personality.

The study of graphology is, in itself, an aid to self-development.

Graphology and Entertainment

Grapology and Trade Shows

Graphology is an interesting and entertaining subject for any corporate event, from small informal gatherings to conferences.

In informal parties, just like hiring a palm reader, psychic, caricaturist, clown, or any other side show for entertainment; graphology is another fun show to have at your party.

Graphology and Intimacy

Graphology and Sexual Intimacy

Our sexual drive have effect on our personality. They impact our personal, social, professional success and development ratio. Before marriage or before experimenting with sexuality everyone thinks about their stamina and for how long they can sustain their inner drive. People are also confused/curious about whether their partner can satisfy them sexually.

Graphology can help you to solve puzzle. Relationship can't be fruitful without the sound psychosexual relation between intimate partner.

Following exclusive things can be revealed by graphology.

Crime Detection and Graphology

Crime Detection Using Graphology

Criminal profiling using graphology can play a very important part in identifying a criminal suspect. Virtually every, or any, crime shows mental, emotional or personality traits which can be analyzed for profiling purposes.

A competent profile is always grounded firmly on physical evidence. In the event of there being handwriting present, the analysis of this handwriting can support, confirm and possibly add to the criminal profile.

Graphology a tool for Forensic Sciences

Questioned document examination (QDE)

Graphology is used as a forensic science tool. A forensic handwriting analyst will use measuring devices, regardless of the script (whether cursive or print), to compare handwriting in terms of size, width, height and angles. The documents are enlarged using stereo microscopes and magnification equipment giving a depth of field that is helpful in studying indentations of writing.

Forensic document examination services include:-

Graphology and Health

Disease in Handwriting using Graphology

Graphology a tool for health and diagnosis. 

Can your handwriting provide an insight to the state of your health? Well, yes, it can. Many nervous disorders show up in shaky handwriting and stress and tension often are reflected in heavy pen marks. Graphology or handwriting analysis can be a very useful tool for spotting health problems before they become too severe, and, is also an excellent way of identifying the level of stress an individual may be experiencing.

Graphology and Genealogy

Graphology and Genealogy

Graphology a tool for Genealogy

Genealogy is growing in popularity. Many people feel the need to know more about their ancestry. Graphology can add tremendously to the information gathered from searching through historical records. Whilst genealogy can tell us the names of our ancestors and further research can tell us how they lived their lives, analysis of their writing can give us a true insight into their personalities and help us to understand them on an emotional level.



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