Graphology and Business

Business questions answered by graphology

Here are some of the questions that business people need answers for and where graphology can help.

Graphology as Employment tool

Graphology and Human Resource Process

Graphology plays a major role in the recruitment procedure. This procedure can be completed without meeting the candidate personally, which in turn would save the interviewer's time.

Graphology and Parenting

Graphology and Parenting

Graphology can be invaluable in assessing a child’s development level. It can help early identification of learning difficulties such as dyslexia, as well as alerting parents to any emotional and physical problems a child may be experiencing.

A graphologist cannot analyze children's writing before they can write fluently however it is possible to ascertain how the intellectual level of achievement compares with the average for the child's age, together with indications of the child's social and emotional development.

Graphology and Interpersonal Skills

Graphology and Interpersonal Skills

Relationship issues often arise because we do not have an objective appreciation of our partner's point of view even though we may be all too aware of the resultant behavior. A graphologist can pinpoint the underlying characteristics and motivations and thus help the couple to communicate and negotiate a way through their problems.



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