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Graphology and Business

Business questions answered by graphology

Here are some of the questions that business people need answers for and where graphology can help.

  • Should I get into a joint venture or partnership with this person?
  • Is my business partner taking me for a ride?
  • My net worth is very high. Still I suffer from a liquidity crunch. Why?
  • Is my Marketing Manager giving out trade secrets?
  • Whom should I hire among the crowd of new applicants?
  • Which employee is most likely to engage in anti-corporate activities and could also backstab me?
  • Who should be promoted in order for the organization to grow?
  • Is my financial controller siphoning away cash?
  • Will this person ever pay me back?
  • My file is lying with an influential personality. Is he holding it back on merits or does he want me to grease his palm?


  • Indian Domicile - INR Rs 4500/-
  • International Membership - USD 70$
    International Membership

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