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Handwriting Analysis Using Graphology.

This activity objective is the promotion of graphology and handwriting analysis. Global Graphologists Association (GGA) is a registered not-for-profit and to know more, please read the about page.

Handwrite the pangrams "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" and "I pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs" on plain unlined paper, take a mobile picture using WhatsApp and send it to +91 7666043123.

Please ensure anonymity, do not give away your name, age, gender even location. Only based on your handwriting, you will receive 5-10 points of analysis using graphology free of cost or any obligation.

If you get interested, you are encouraged to study graphology and practice handwriting analysis. If you have the knack, you are encouraged to get certification and become a member of Global Graphologists Association. As you progress, you are encouraged to publish your findings and research, GGA will help you publish and raise funds for your research.

If you are not familiar with graphology, please read our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions related to graphology and handwriting analysis. You can ask questions related to graphology and handwriting analysis.


  • Indian Domicile - INR Rs 4500/-
  • International Membership - USD 70$
    International Membership

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