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Learn Graphology Practice Handwriting Analysis. Start your paying professional practice as graphologist. 

Graphology publications provide graphologists a platform to publish their finding to be read by fellow graphologists and other targeted users who can benefit and use information related to graphology.

Graphology Research. Do you have a research topic? GGA can facilitate a paid research grant.

Learn Graphology. Our website www.GraphologySchool.com helps you learn graphology. There is a community waiting for you to interact, learn and share.

Graphologist Network. Knowledge of graphology is ever growing. Stay connected, stay relevant by connecting with other experienced and practicing graphologists.


Global Graphologists Association (GGA) is a registered not-for-profit. The primary objective of GGA is to promote graphology and graphologists. Secondary objectives are research, publications, certifications, and events; again to support the primary objective. Know more


Membership to GGA allows you to self-certify yourself as a graphologist and handwriting analyst. You can start a professional practice and you will be updated and current. You can volunteer as graphologist to various events GGA conducts and participates. If you have a research topic, GGA can help you raise money. Know more


GGA helps you learn graphology, self-certify yourself as graphologist and handwriting analyst, promote's you professionally, connect you with other professional graphologists, help you conduct paid research by organizing research grants, publishes your work, gets you work, related to graphology and handwriting analysis. Know more

Robert Saudek

Robert Saudek

Czech-born graphologist and writer of novels, stories, poems and plays (1880-1935) Robert Saudek had considerable influence on the content and standing of graphology worldwide. He also published numerous articles in many languages in periodicals as diverse as The Listener, Zeitschrift für Menschenkenntnis and the Journal of Social Psychology. He also founded the professional graphology society in the Netherlands. He also started two academic periodicals: one in Dutch and the other in English.


Self Certification

The self certification program allows individuals earn certifications as graphologist and handwriting analyst. Know more - Certification


GraphoAppCurrently, we are fundraising for Graphoapp a tool to learn graphology and practice handwriting analysis.

Support us raise funds. Know more

Practice & Promotion

Practice graphology and promote yourself. Volunteer to conduct awareness about graphology and handwriting analysis.


GuidesVarious guides to know how to use this website to your advantage and navigate trouble free on this website.

Continuous Education

Graphology is an empirical science which grows by practice. Continuous education helps individual graphologists stay updated to the latest information. 


volunteeringVolunteering helps you develop overall skills to face the challenges of this world.

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Graphology School

GGA runs the interactive and mentored graphology online course enabling anyone to learn and certify themselves. Learn, discuss and practice handwriting analysis online.

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Graphology Network

Get listed and find other graphologists, participate in events near you. Let people and organizations looking for graphology related handwriting analysis services, find you.

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Graphology Club

Meet local graphologists or interact with expert graphology specialists related to subjects of your interests like Human Resource, Parenting, Education and Teachers, Forensic and Document Analyst etc. 

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Graphology Research

Research as a tool to test their own and other graphologists finding, to find answers and advance knowledge. The purpose of research is for ongoing correcting and refining what is already known.

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